Miles to Go Before I Sleep

In 1991, I had an OOBE.  During the wake of my aunt, no less.  Feeling the urge to answer the call of nature, I ran to the toilet.  I didn’t get there as I lost consciousness a few meters away.

When I regained consciousness (or so I thought), I felt a wonderful swaying motion and, after a few moments, saw a flash of light, becoming larger and larger as I got nearer to it.  Then I saw everybody standing around the bed where I was lain down.  I could even hear their voices; my mother was crying.

It was then that I felt I was thrown back into my body and regained consciousness.  The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Why did I come back?”


Nearly 27 years after, I had another experience.  It wasn’t an OOBE.  But it was something out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, I felt so exhausted to the point of being drained, with a cold sensation running through my body.  It couldn’t be due to any physical stress, as I have been eating and sleeping well.  It could however be due to some emotional stress, resulting from my talk with my daughter and an earlier online altercation with a friend.

My physical state however was at its lowest that I entertained the idea that my candle was about to be snuffed out.  Emailed my colleagues that I was going to go home after the lunch break “to die”.  Surprisingly, nobody reacted.  [Hmmm, doesn’t anyone read anymore?]

Got home, still feeling the same.  It felt like I was at the nadir of my life.  I thought to myself, if I were to go, I’d like to go comfortably.  So, I turned on the airconditioning unit in my room, wore my best sleepwear, turned on my list of favorite songs, and laid myself down to sleep.  That was at 3pm Thursday.

Twelve hours later, I woke up. Refreshed and raring to go.  A line from Robert Frost’s poem then crossed my mind.


I guess it is not my time yet, huh. Guess I still have miles to go before I sleep.