I Miss You Too!


A Facebook chat early this morning caught me off-guard. I’ve been chatting with a new-found friend from my travels. I am attracted to him but I never had the courage of asking him if he shared this attraction, or my sexual orientation. He’s 28, single, and professes that he’s unlucky in love.

But we have been in constant touch, through Facebook, since I met him. Nightly chats, initiated by either of us, marked our “online bromance”. Chats mainly about his country, my country, and just about anything else, other than about us. Until the chats turned personal – what he’s doing, what I’m up to, getting to know you, so to speak.

But this morning, the chat turned a little bizarre (at least to me):

Me: Will you be online when you’re at home?
Him: Yes of course. But I often leave my phone at a corner when at home. I don’t want to have a feeling of missing something in my smartphone.
Me: Correct.
Him: Instead, I should be missing someone.
Me: Ohh…. Lucky person!

Did I miss something there? Should I have replied in some other way?

I really don’t know. I’m having butterflies in my stomach. Perhaps, what is holding me back is the fear of rejection. I can handle rejections, but his would probably be a bit devastating.

But one thing is sure: I miss him!

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